What is DayZ 2017? New Challenges!

Ever wanted a change in DayZ Mod? Well if so, the new DayZ 2017 is the game for you. The map is supposed to take place in the year 2017, five years from now, and as we know, after awhile of aging and abuse, things start to become incredibly challenging. If you have played regular DayZ Mod on the Public or Private Hive system, we recommend you try out DayZ 2017 for a SHAKE IN YOUR BOOTS — LITERALLY. You will have more bumpy roads, fierce battles, and zombies will blow your mind away. In this article, you will find out the differences between DayZ Mod and DayZ 2017, the overview of the map, and where to download DayZ 2017.

DayZ 2017 Map, Features, and Benefits

In the new DayZ 2017 map, there is no more Military Weapons, the Vehicles have brand new skins looking old, rusty, and aged. Players wear ragged old clothing, making the the overall game experience much more interesting and realistic. This game mode will give you a much needed feeling, much different from the original DayZ gameplay. This will make you feel as if you were actually there, in this Zombie infested, Apocalyptic world.

Just some tips and tricks to help you make it through your first night in the new DayZ 2017 map.

Just like in the original DayZ, their are still things to watch out for, such as Bandits, Zombies, thirst, hunger, warmth, etc.. Also, as you know, they have taken away Military weapons, but their are still powerful weapons, such as the CZ 550, which is most commonly found in short barns.

Though makarov’s are weak, they are better than nothing, and their are much more of them. I would recommend you to sneak in to any large town or cities, and stock up on food, water, and look for a Makarov, or for all those snipers, move to the small barns in search of a CZ 550.

Where To Download DayZ 2017 – OFFICIAL and SAFE DOWNLOAD

This game mode is found most commonly on the DayZ Commander, which can be downloaded from the DayZ website, or simply type in DayZ Commander in your Internet search bar. But I recommend to download DayZ commander straight from the DayZ website, just to ensure that you don’t get a virus from clicking the wrong link.

Don’t have DayZ Commander yet? Download DayZ Commander install and update latest patches to access the DayZ 2017 Mod Files.

DayZ 2017 Character and Map Photos / Pictures

dayz 2017 character






dayz 2017 photos

PCGamer.com Says “DayZ 2017 MOD – The Adrenaline Dumps Were Too Much”

“My hope is the immersion is notched up and the social aspects take a more prominent position again. Going on my own early experiences with the mod, I remember literally having to stop playing and pace the room as the adrenaline dumps were too much to deal with (and that was just from scrambling out of Cherno with a can of beans and a watch). If I can get it close to that again, then it’s ‘mission accomplished.”  at 07:27pm November 16 2012. Read the full article here

Want latest news and updates of DayZ MOD 2017? Check out their Reddit SubReddit Page @ http://www.reddit.com/r/DayZ2017

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