The DayZ Mod Game Server Admin Commands  are controlled through a few different ways.  Let’s identify the Server Admin/RCON Guides and how to use them:

  • #1 – In-Game Server Admin Commands *How To Instructions*
  • #2 - In-Game Server RCON Commands *How To Instructions*
  • #3 - Configure Server FTP Settings *How To Instructions*
  • #4 - Configure  Settings Through Control Panel *4-1-1 Read Only*

These methods are very important to the Server Admins. We will start with DayZ Mod Server Admin Commands, then get into RCON Commands, FTP Settings, and Configuring through Game Control Panel. Let the help begin…

In-Game Server Admin Commands

To access and log-in for DayZ Game Server Admin Controls, simply click “M” or go to the Control Settings. Before connecting to the server, you can Log-in as Admin simply by clicking “server control” and enter admin password.

Razer Imperator How To Use Server Admin Commands In The Game: Click Servers in the menu by pressing “M” for Map, and at the Top-Left corner of your screen, you will see a Server Control section where you can log-in as an Admin. Enter your Admin Log-In Password (assuming you had already setup an Admin Password). You have a few options which are;  Kick, Ban, and Server Restart.

These are the simple commands you can use in-game, and they’re very limited access compared to the ability of having DayZ Server RCON Commands.

DayZ Server RCON Commands

The DayZ BattleEye (BEServer) RCON Commands have a better approach to more admin power and user functionality for server administrators. The DayZ in-game admin controls have limited usage to only four different commands. Installing the DayZ Server RCON will enable you to have more functionality. If your server host or your box is not setup with it, please read our instructions here about setting up rcon on a dayz server.

How To Use RCON Commands: Press the chat key ( default Key is: / ).
This will allow you to input the line of commands into the chat window and confirm using the enter key. You also must use the # character before each command that you plan to use with your Administrator RCON access. This is a big help to use server commands since most admins need help figuring it out.

What Are The RCON Game Server Admin Commands? We have listed the commands below, and here is more information you need to learn about the Admin / RCON commands in DayZ.

loadScripts loads the scripts.txt file w/o need to restart server
missions Returns a list of the available missions on the server.
players Displays a list of the players on the server including BE GUIDs and pings.
kick [player#] Kicks a player. His # can be found in the player list using the ‘players’ command.
RConPassword [password] Changes the RCon password.
MaxPing [ping]“ Changes the MaxPing value. If a player has a higher ping, he will be kicked from the server.
logout Logout from current server, but do not exit the program.
Exit Closes the connection.
Say [player#] say something to player #. specially -1 equals all players on server (e.g. ‘Say -1 Hello World’)

RCON/Admin Chat Commands using default key: / 

Command Command Example
What does the command do:
#login password
  • #login adminPW
Log in as the admin
#logout Admin log out
#mission filename
  • #mission myDM.intro
Select mission with known name
#restart Restart mission
#reassign Start over and reassign roles
#shutdown Shuts down the server
#init Reload server config file loaded by –config option
#exec ban (name, ID or Player#)
  • #exec ban nickName
  • #exec ban 47114712
  • #exec ban 3
Allows you to ban a player. Their ID will be added to the ban.txt
#kick (name, ID or Player#)
  • #kick nickName
  • #kick 47114712
  • #kick 3
Allows you to kick a player
#monitor (interval in sec)
  • #monitor 1
Shows performance information of the server. Interval 0 means to stop monitoring
#debug off
  • #debug off
Disables debbuging.
#debug (interval in sec)
  • #debug 30
Default interval is 10 seconds.
#debug (command) (param)
  • #debug checkFile expansion\Dta\ui.pbo
  • #debug userSent <username>
  • #debug userInfo <username>
  • #debug userQueue <username>
  • #debug JIPQueue <username>
  • #debug totalSent 10
The available commands are:

  • checkFile
  • userSent
  • userInfo
  • userQueue
  • totalSent
  • JIPQueue

Each command command can be disabled by off instead parameter e.g. ‘#debug userSent off’
Each command differs bit some output to screen, some to log file etc.
You need some debugger capable of catching OutputDebugString running on the client machine
(one very small and easy to use is available at SysInternals website.
You launch this debugger, you launch ARMA client, connect to the server, issue any of commands

#debug (command)
  • #debug von
  • #debug console
The available commands are:

  • Console
    • send to submitter what’s on server console , works as DebugAnswer for all writes into the console
  • von
    • outputs into logFile defined in server.cfg as e.g. logFile = “server_console.log”;

Each of those commands should show a confirmation in the chat channels.

Source of commands from: bistudios wiki.
Razer Mamba

Configure Server FTP / Control Panel Settings

The server.cfg will have this information available in the file through FTP or it should be accessed by Control Panel from your game server company if provided one. Review these options listed below to enable or disable the settings you prefer to run in your server:

3rdPersonView=1; — (0,1) Disables or Enables 3rd Person View for your server
armor=0;    — ALWAYS DISABLED – Gives you improved body armor, tank armor etc
autoAim=0;    — ALWAYS DISABLED – Enables auto aim when you’re not looking through your weapon’s scope. Also works with crosshair off
autoGuideAT=0;    — ALWAYS DISABLED – AT missiles will be automatically guided to their target. If 0, player has to lock onto the target.
autoSpot=0;   – ALWAYS DISABLED – If you’re close enough to an enemy, you’ll report it without right-clicking
cameraShake=1;    — ALWAYS ENABLED – Used for camera shake for shock, injuries, etc.
clockIndicator=0; — ALWAYS DISABLED – Displays the clock indicator on the left of your screen when giving/receiving orders like “At 11 o’clock, eemy man at 200 meters”
deathMessages=1; — (0,1) Displays “XXX was killed by YYY” messages in multiplayer
enemyTag=0; — ALWAYS DISABLED – Displays information on enemy units
friendlyTag=0; — ALWAYS DISABLED – Displays information on friendly units. ONLY WORKS WITH ‘Weaponcursor=0′, eg crosshair on.
hud=0; — ALWAYS DISABLED – Shows you leaders location and your position in formation
hudGroupInfo=0; — ALWAYS DISABLED – Shows your group information in the HUD
hudPerm=1; — (0,1) Permanently show or disable the HUD
hudWp=0; — ALWAYS DISABLED – hows Waypoints right after they’re ordered to you
hudWpPerm=0    ; — ALWAYS DISABLED – Shows Waypoints permanently
map=0;   – (0,1) Enable or Disable Waypoints on the map
netStats=1;    — Enables the scoreboard functionality
tracers=0;   – ALWAYS DISABLED – Displays tracers even of small arms that in real life would not have tracers
ultraAI=0;    — ALWAYS DISABLED – Enables some kind of super AI that hears and sses more and has better tactics. This is for both friendly and enemy sides.
unlimitedSaves=0; — ALWAYS DISABLED – Enables saing permanently. For single player missions. But you then can only load the last save state.
vonID=1; — When using VoN (Voice over Network), display the name of the player speaking.
weaponCursor=1;   – Shows the crosshair for your weapon
skillFriendly=0; — Friendly tactics skill (For AI Only)
precisionFriendly=0; — Friendly shooting precision (For AI Only)
skillEnemy=0;   – Enemy tactics skill (For AI Only)
precisionEnemy=0; — Enemy shooting precision (For AI Only)

Source of server.cfg

Configuring your Server’s startup and running parameters
A lot of great information can be found here.

Below are variables that you can directly configure for your server:

passwordAdmin = “xyzxyz”;  
Password for Administrator Access via in-game chat menu / Admin Menu
hostname=”My Server”;  
Servername visible in the game browser. Please make sure you follow the official server naming convention
maxPlayers = 40;
The Max player slots for your server. Please ensure you are following the slot rules found here.
disableVoN = 1;   
Enables or disables the Voice over Net. Default = 0.
Enables or Disables BattlEye. By default, this is set to 0 (off). Please enable it!
Set to prevent obsolete versions of the ARMAOA client from joining. Example: requiredBuild=95417; will restrict anyone who’s running an older ARMAOA beta version of 95417 from connecting.

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