DayZ requires some transitions in your game play to begin cooking meat. Act quickly before a player attacks you. There is a few things you must learn about How To Cook Meat in DayZ Mod without getting Shot and killed while doing it. In this guide, we will show you some proven positions that we have found very safe to cook meat. This is a content tutorial in writing.

How To Cook Meat Instructions

  • Confirm RAW Meat is in your GEAR menu. Press (G) to access Gear.
  • Point your mouse to the Fire Place until it says, “Cook Meat”.
  • Accept that option to Cook Meat and wait for it to finish.
  • Once you are done cooking, check your gear menu for verify the amount of cooked meat is correct. If you’re missing some cook meat, ask your friends in your area if they took one.
  • Aim at the fire place and check the gear to ensure you did not leave out any Cooked Meat on top of the Fire Place. This happens due to lack of inventory space.

In DayZ Mod, you want to kill an animal, gut it, and cook it in a safe location. You have to act quickly and stealthy in your movement to ensure you get away without getting killed by Bandits. We have some other ideas about what all you need to cook your meat.  Read below what items to use to Cook meat in DayZ Mod.

Items Needed To Cook Meat (Checklist)

  • Knife to gut animal, and grab raw meat from the gut.
  • Inventory space (gutted amount) to accept raw meat.
  • Hatchet – Cut wood for a fire place.
  • Box of Matches – Light the fire place.

Safe Locations To Cook Meat in DayZ Mod.

South of DayZ Cook meat


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