Are you low on blood in DayZ? Do you need to learn the top 3 ways to regain your blood back to normal position? This DayZ Tip will be helpful to regain blood. There are a few ways to restore (regain) your blood count. You have the option of eating a can of food, having a friend (player) give you a blood transfusion using a blood bag, or gutting an Animal for raw meat to cook, which will allow you to eat cooked meat.  If you are below 5,000 blood count, you will notice huge color distortion that has faded into a black-n-white-n-gray color schemes. In this event of having 5,000 or lower blood count, you will lose visibility as your screen begins to get blurry… causing you to see much less.  Also, you lose sound over low blood count as your in-game volume drops dramatically due to the low blood count.

How can you fix these problems in DayZ? Most people have asked us, “how do I get more blood?” or “how can I regain blood in DayZ?” or “how to increase blood?”  These are all common concerns I am every DayZ Gamer has flagged. In this article, you will learn exactly what you should do in these events to regain blood, as quickly as possible. In really low blood counts, you will pass out and go into hour-glass which can cause you to die since a zombie may fest off your hopeless body.

How To Regain Blood In DayZ

  • Blood Bag (Blood Transfusion): Requirements: (Player must perform transfusion on another player)

Yes, DayZ gamers cannot blood bag themselves, and requires a player with a blood bag to perform this action. The blood transfusion allows players to restore blood back to 12,000 once the Transfusion is completed. The player (who has the blood bag) must have possession of the blood bag in their primary inventory in order to apply the transfusion. The blood bagging player must see the option “Give Blood Transfusion” to begin this process. The Blood Transfusion takes about (4-6 seconds) in time to completely apply and restore a players blood back to 12,000.

** Note #1 ** Stay clear of Zombies by hiding in a house or building before continuing with a Blood Transfusion action. Ultimately, this will restore (regain) all the blood back to normal.

** Note #2 ** make sure that bleeding has stopped by using a Bandage.

** Note #3 ** There is a glitch where you cannot see your blood count or any reports of your blood, you must turn on the Debug Monitor ( located at the top-right ) of the screen.

  • Canned Foods:  You can increase your blood by 200 for eating each Canned Food. There are four types of Canned Food consumables that you can eat to increase (regain) blood such as; (HEINZ) Baked Beans, (Portola) Sardines, (Campbells) Franks & Beans, and (Franco-American) Macaroni with Cheese Sauce.  Yes, this will slowly  (but surely) help you regain blood in counts of 200 for each consumed Canned Food.

** Tip #1 ** You can find Canned Foods in Residential Buildings, and is highly popular for spawning in Convenient store (super markets) which are located in most major cities. Here is a filtered view of the DayZ DB Map showing ONLY Super Market Locations on the Chernarus Map.

  • Animals (Cooked Meat): This helps regain blood (increasing) by 800 eating a single cooked meat. If you have 1 blood left, you would need to eat about 15 cooked meats to regain blood back to 12,000. The math calculation of how much you need to eat: 12,000 divided by 800 = 15 cooked meats. This is the fastest way to regain blood aside from a blood bag. It sure enough beats the fact of eating Canned Foods, but you have a higher risk probability of death because you must kill an animal to gut it.

The risk of death comes in from Zombies and Bandits since you must shoot or (hatchet/crowbar) an animal to begin gutting. It takes about 6-8 seconds to complete the gutting process once the animal is down, then you have to make room in your inventory, and begin the process of building a fireplace to cook the raw meat… which will turn Raw Meat into (Cooked Meat) ready for you to eat up. The Animal with the most Raw Meat is the Cow, giving you (8 Raw meats).

Animal Raw Meat + Cooked Meat Blood Value

  • Rabbit: 1 raw meat 800 blood value when cooked.
  • Chicken: 1 raw meat (800 blood value when cooked)
  • Goat: 3 raw meat (2400 blood value when cooked)
  • Boar: 4 raw meat 3200 blood value when cooked)
  • Sheep: 5 raw meat (4000 blood value when cooked)
  • Cow: 8 raw meat (6400 blood value when cooked)

How To Avoid Losing Blood and  Stay Surviving

Stay away from high visibility points by avoiding running on a road or crossing a street. Do not attract zombies by running past them, be stealthy when around zombies. Avoid shooting your gun unless you have to in order to stay surviving in the game. These are all great possibilities to keep you from losing blood in the game. In order to regain the blood, make sure you carry cooked meat (when you’re alone) or some Canned foods to avoid any last minute decisions to find these items. When you’re going from city to city, you must have these items ready ahead of time, and having cooked meat is an excellent way to regain blood faster.

If you have friends in the server or playing with you, must sure to carry extra blood bags, at least 2 each to protect from last minute runs for hospital looting locations to find Blood Bags. Always be prepared for the worst. Carry extra food items with you, or create a tent location that you can drop items in case you need to make a quick run to eat some food. Following these Tips of DayZ will help you regain blood easily, effectively, and intelligently. You can make these decisions quicker than most other players. If you enjoy our content, please do subscribe for more helpful Tips of DayZ.

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