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DayZ Debug Monitor

The Debug Monitor shown in this screenshot has been OFFICIALLY REMOVED by DayZ Community Development Team, as of (12/23/2012) the official and confirmed date it will be gone and cannot be enabled. 

The Debug Monitor has been replaced with the ICONS that show you the gratitude of your health, blood, thirst, water, and humanity levels. The Humanity of the rolling DayZ updates and forward 1.7.5, etc.. has three levels to it – High level of Humanity, which is good, medium level — not bad, still in okay shape, and dangerous which blinks red, and this is needed action right away.Razer Imperator

Pictures will be released as soon as further data should be allowed to release.

Details below were from article listing of and stopped working as the official Debug Monitor until and has been removed from the game as of now. More news on this to come when you check for updates here.

The latest DayZ Beta Patch “DayZ + Beta 96584″ supports the option to turn ON and OFF the Debug monitor that displays your character’s real-time statistics. As you already know, this is needed to identify Zombies Killed Counter, Headshot Counter, Murders Counter, Bandits Killed Counter, Real-Time Blood Count, Real-Time Zombies both ALIVE/TOTAL in the server, your player name in-game, and Humanity level. People turn it off for the purpose of videos, screenshots, streaming, and increased difficulty. Most people are wondering, “What Happened to the Debug Monitor?” or “Why can’t I see my debug monitor?”… We were being asked these questions in our Community, but now have a solution for those who want to know how to turn the options on and off using the game menu options.

DayZ How To Turn On Debug Monitor

Are you trying to find a way to Turn on the Debug Monitor while using the latest update? “DayZ + Beta 96584″ We can help you solve the problem and TURN ON the DayZ Debug Monitor. These are simple image and text instructions on how to turn it in. The image shows you the steps from left to right to turn it back on.

Simply start the three easy steps listed below:

  1. Press Escape “ESC” on your Keyboard, and click “Options”.
  2. When Options has opened, click “Game Options”.
  3. Inside Game Options, change & set DayZ UI to: “Debug” option. Click OK!

That is the three easy steps to successful turn ON DayZ Dubug Monitor. You can simply turn it off by setting it to Default. Read more on why to turn off the monitor.

DayZ Turn On Debug Monitor

Why Disable/Turn Off Debug Monitor?

There are a few reasons that this option is turned OFF by default. Our insider sources tell us the DayZ Dev team has decided it can help veterans continue to play like a veteran. It is a great option to have off during Live Streams/Broadcasting since players can find players with the username. Streamers no longer need to use a cover up for their names with overlays that make the streaming more unbearable and user experience less enjoyable. Also, for YouTube videos, the Debug Monitor would be an option for some people looking to have less user distraction while watching their videos, since the Debug Monitor is not needed when watching the videos.

Lastly, the debug monitor is turned off for Screenshots since some people prefer to not display any statistics of Murders, their name, Bandit kills or any other statistic. The Debug Monitor is more of a private counter, and when people are using public utilities like Screenshots, Videos, and Streams, they should have the ability to turn ON and OFF the DayZ Debug Monitor using the DayZ UI Game Options feature.

NOTE ** Debug Monitor has a bug along with the latest update ** your ICONS are not going to function properly. You will be compensating to have Debug Monitor Working when turning it “ON” with your 4 Green icons that will NOT be working. The 4 Green icons are – Sickness Temperature Icon, Food/Hunger Icon, Thirst Icon, and Blood Icon.

Razer Mamba

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