This is a game play video tutorial called DayZ – How To Use Flashlight at Night – DayZ Tutorial. The flashlight is a very handy tool in night time servers, and this is a great way to get loot with a lower chance of getting shot and killed. How to use the flashlight in DayZ Mod: 1) Open your gear menu 2) Right click on the Flashlight. 3) Click the “Remove from Tool belt” option that appears when you right click. 4) Once it’s in your inventory, exit out of the Gear Menu and press L on your keyboard. **Hint** If the flashlight is not enabled, look at the top right side of your screen and press the letter F on your keyword so it can switch to the Flashlight feature. Once you hit L on your keyword, you have successfully enabled the flashlight. That is exactly how you use the flashlight at night servers. Please subscribe if this tutorial helped you out. Join us at for more information. DayZ Buzz is a global DayZ Mod Community built around a private, exclusive content network that releases high quality game play videos, tutorials, resources, private help hotlines, alerts for loots and guns, live game play streams, and much more. Join the DayZ Mod Game Play Action Today.

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DayZ – How To Use Flashlight at Night – DayZ Tutorial, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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