This DayZ Tutorial Guide is about How To Use Grenades.  There are two types of Grenades that can used. First, you can manually throw it from your character by pressing the key “F” as long as the Grenade is in your secondary weapon inventory, (where your pistol would be). You have to look at the Top-Right of your screen to find out if the Grenades are displayed ready. It will display “GRENADE” and display how many grenades you have “1″ “2″ etc.

Second way to throw a Grenade is using an M203 HE thrower, which is a gun that you shoot out Grenades from. In this tutorial, we will discuss How To Use Grenades in DayZ Mod by throwing it with your bear hands. You cannot throw any M203 HE Grenades, only focus on Smoke Grenades, and Frag Grenades.

How To Use Grenades Throw It

Confirm your SMOKE OR FRAG GRENADE is in the secondary inventory.

  • Press (F) to ensure the GRENADE is on the Top-Right of your Screen.
  • Aim at your target with the circles that appear on your screen.
  • Press and Hold your Left Mouse button to stabilize your throw.
  • Hold Left Mouse until you’re ready to throw it at your target.

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