Will DayZ Mod Run Windows 8? Will It Work for DayZ? Most users who are making the transition from their existing operating system to Windows 8 are thinking of new ways to improve their overall PC performance. Microsoft has made 10x the effort according to official reports as to a better overall gaming platform. We have some community members who have confirmed 100% that DayZ Mod will run Windows 8 Operating System on their PC. All arrows point to success for DayZ system specifications and computer specs for Windows 8 operating systems. The OS (Windows 8) tested and confirmed working for DayZ Mod’s latest update on February 5, 2013 (DayZ Mod Update:

DayZ Mod Tested Windows 8

As Windows is making the major transition to keep PC users from having a much cleaner and better overall experience, ARMA 2 (DayZ Mod) has been a game to run smoothly on it. DayZ Buzz community members has tested Windows 8 on a Quad Core i3, i5, i7 and AMD PHENOM 2. We are also obtaining more information from the community about other mods that will run Click Here (PRO or HOME Edition), and it should be the same goes all for DayZ + (Plus), DayZ 2017, and other maps for DayZ Mod.

Windows 8 Upgrade or Purchase for DayZ Gamers

In short… The answer is “Yes” as long as your PC meets the requirements of running Windows 8. Have you purchased or upgraded to Windows 8 yet? DayZ Buzz has an exclusive deal for you to shop through the Microsoft online store through our resources and purchase Windows 8 Pro or any Windows 8 of your choice. As of yet, we do not have any confirmation that DayZ Standalone will work with Windows 8 as of yet, but we are sure that DayZ Standalone will be optimized for all current and future coming operating systems and GPU’s for the next year or so, at the very least. Please feel free to comment here with reports to if you plan to make the transition to Windows 8 to play DayZ or if you currently play DayZ on Windows 8, what are your overall thoughts?

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