This article will cover the general overlook about DayZ Origins. The mod: Origins is based on Arma 2: DayZ Mod. It is available to download from DayZ Commander or DayZ Origins.  The DayZ Origins mod is an outlook of DayZ Taviana 3.0 and if you’ve played Taviana, you would know the map exactly. The DayZ Taviana map is available on

What is DayZ Origins?

There is player leveling, based in Salvation City, new survivor/bandit skins (clothing), and added effects to game play changes. The level up system is pretty cool since your actions speak louder than words, or so they say. If you kill people and become a bandit, you will face the consequences by losing 1 level for each kill — Interesting right? Yeah… DayZ Buzz community members have been enjoying DayZ Origins ever since the initial thread hit the forums of DayZ Mod. The other kick to the game is that, If you continue to survive, you improve humanity levels. Like I said, your actions speak much louder than your words.

Where to download DayZ Origins?

You can download it directly from the source from: or through DayZ Commander’s software. The mod/map DayZ Origins is about 800-900 MB in size.   It is about an estimated wait time of 30 – 50 minutes download via DayZ Commander.

New Twist:
Yotopia ( Salvation City ) the last human standing city where the society elites and the rich still live away from the infection. protected by high walls and the world top trained elite mercenaries.

New and Enhanced Day/Night cycle :
( Smooth transition every 4 hours cycle ) for more dynamic and immersive gameplay.

Persistent player levelling:
Based on the newly introduced Humanity system. Players start with level 1 survivor with persistent levelling up , Players lose 1 level each time they die.

Every level enjoys new survivor/bandit outfit:
24 new outfits in total

GamePlay Changes
Resources on the main land are getting more scarce while ” Salvation City ” is rich with weapons and supplies but you cannot just walk there alone unless you have a deathwish. You should team up and down the guards.”

Source of above content and pictures below posted by: Spaggiari on DayZ Mod Forums found here.

DayZ Origins Images, Pictures, and Screenshots

DayZ Origins

Pre- Alpha footage for DayZ Origins  Salvation City

DayZ Origins Pre Footage

DayZ Origins Gates

DayZ Origins Level Up System:

The level system is split into two types of Umbrellas (Categories).  Bandits and Heros. You start out with the first 6 types of clothing skins. You move along as you begin to level with 24 different level clothing’s to wear. They will automatically work its way up as you begin to level up.

Remember: killing will lead you in the bath of becoming a bandit. Hero requires improvements and steady increase of humanity levels. By the end of the 24 level stage, you will then become a DayZ Origins determine gamer. Ideally, you will be a survivor, but what kind of survivor will you be? DayZ Origins Bandit? or DayZ Origins Hero? The choice is clearly yours!

dayz origins level up systems

DayZ Origins – First Impression Game Play Footage

This first impression footage of DayZ Origins gives you a quick and easy inside look of what is going on in the game. You can observe some of the new aspects of the game as well as  the map: Taviana 3.0 which is found here on  This video should give you a good perspective of what to expect in DayZ Origins.

Dayz Origins – Arma 2: DayZ Mod Video

Taviana 3.0 Map: DayZ Origins takes place on fully re-worked 600 Km2 Taviana Island 3.0 featuring over 60 new enterable building types, ( Hospitals, Train stations, Commercial districts, police stations, Ports, Military stations, Museums and much more, polished interiors and exteriors with highly detailed and carefully designed textures.” Source:

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