OpenDayZ has released a post about some amazing DayZ Server Control Center Tools for Admins and Server owner tips. DayZ Buzz first launched the article about DayZ Admin Server Commands to the public. In this addition of DayZ Admin Tips and Server Tools, we are introducing the article about the new features that hit ground zero in the DayZ Server Admin Community.

How DayZ Server Control Center Works

The following is a post by Crosire on December 31, 2012: “DayZ Server Controlcenter is an heavy application, which allows you to set up and manage your own private DayZ server with full controls. You don’t need to look in thousands of different files anymore, just one application to config them all.
There is a custom DayZ CC Banlist which gets updated with newest hackers every month and is migrated directly into the code.”

This tool is what the DayZ Mod Server Admins and Community Servers need. It gives you all the benefits of server installation (1-2-3 steps), supporting majority of the dayz mod maps, and easy possible for public or private hive systems. DayZ Buzz has recommended you check out this official page:  DayZ Control Center.

DayZ Server Control Center Features:

  • Easy server installation wizard (including options to choose between your own or the MySQL server that comes with the package).
  • Configuration of the server instances inside the application.
  • Support for all current released maps (Chernarus, Lingor, Namalsk, Celle, Panthera, Takistan, Fallujah, Zargabad, Utes, Taviana, …).
  • Database managing with stylish looking Chive included.
  • Highly featured administration web frontend (you can even access it from outside by visiting “http://YOURIP:78/dayz”)!
  • Player and vehicle map with extremly accurate positions using map tiles from!
  • Spawn vehicles using ArmAs ingame 3D editor!
  • Autobackup system to never loose progress again!
  • Easy to use interface, explanation inclusive.
  • Auto Updater to keep you updated with latest changes, improvements and fixes.
  • Several languages supported (including English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Portugese, …)
  • A plugin manager to allow easy installation of new content
  • A GUI to create new database loadout strings using the known ArmA inventory screen written by a friend and me.

Read the entire post as well as look at the pictures available with original sources and links found at DayZ Control Center.

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