Ever since the announcement that ARMA 2 mod would become a standalone game, popularity has skyrocketed with one question on gamers’ minds; when it is coming out? Dean Hall and the team at Bohemia Interactive are working to create an awesome community driven game design. The build of the game is spectacular and new features. There is an unlimited amount of potential for the future of DayZ. The Standalone game has a lot of support for both destructible and constructable environments.

New beginnings

Maps are important to gamers, acting like blue prints or guide. As expected there has been a lot changes in the architectural designs for the new game. New stuff to look out for includes lighting and material improvements, volumetric cloud system, complete overhaul of the clothing and inventory system. Another area that has seen major changes is customization. It mostly touches on customizing your weapon, customizing your character as well as material improvements.


Without a shadow of a doubt, Rocket has put in a lot of work in fixing bugs in the yet unreleased Standalone game. Architectural errors are common when a game is hastily developed, hence the delay. A Closed Beta team of approximately 500 to 1000 skilled developers have been hired to ensure the maps are flawless. The maps have been redesigned from the initial Arma 2 Chernarus map. It is built around the original Arma 2 game platform, the standalone version is quadruple the size of  the Arma 2 Chernarus. A rumor from Rocket Interactive is that a fresh new map will be developed in the future. The Chernarus map has great loot location and is easy to comprehend.

What do the Standalone maps look like?

There are new maps that have been added namely Namalsk, Fallujah, Takistan,  Panthera Island and Taviana. The new maps have improved scene tools for processing data to easily handle vehicles. DayZ Bliss (a common private hive package) has been used to pull vehicle locations directly from the map. Dean has given out some hints that some vehicles may be customized. All vehicles have been added to the remade map.

Here’s a map tour:

Landscape changes  

An experienced DayZ gamer knows the terrain like the back of his hand. However some changes have been made. The clouds are now 3D allowing you to hide your aircraft, especially the helicopter inside the clouds. The player’s clothes are much more detailed and you can actually now swap it out. Expect some wretched buses. The buildings are also remodeled to make them look more damaged and used. The general store will definitely look different

The military barrack is much bigger. The new maps create a pragmatic picture of a military base, and of course you cannot miss out on plenty of loot. The surrounding area from the original DayZ Mod has been changed there are no mountains, or hills. Instead there are only trees and even ground.

Exciting Times Ahead

As we all wait for the Standalone release, it is hard to avoid dreaming about what may come in the new version.  What can we expect?  Rocket, we anticipate playing the new creation!


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