If you love DayZ and playing on consoles, there is some great news: it looks like DayZ Standalone will be coming to the PS4!

Dean “Rocket” Hall says he would be happy to see DayZ Standalone come to any console, but at this point it looks like the Xbox One will be out of the picture due to massive prices for patches. On the opposite end is the PS4, which does not charge anything for patches, meaning updates can be pumped out faster and more efficiently.

Sony Wants DayZ Standalone

According to Escapist Magazine, Sony has actually shown interest in getting DayZ Standalone on their console for months now. This is an awesome sign because this means they should be much more interested in helping the game not only be ported over successfully, but also with helping make the game more successful. For what is basically an indie game, this is something we really don’t see all that often!

Bringing More DayZ Players

As with any game, getting more publicity means more players. Along with this, the more accessible a game is, the more people will be interested in giving it a try. By giving players a choice of DayZ Standalone on both the PC and PS4, this enhances the number of people that can access it, meaning a bigger population and a bigger backing.

Having the game on both systems can cause problems with patching, as we’ve seen recently with games like Defiance, but as long as everything is handled with caution there should not be too many problems.

DayZ on Xbox One?

While the Xbox One is known for its first-person shooters, it is not indie friendly when it comes to releasing games. Once a game is released on the system, there is a major cost to releasing updates (some have quoted as high as $40,000 for a single patch), making it infeasible to do “hot-fixes” (small bug fixes that are done in between larger patches). This, in essence, means that either all platforms of the game have to be held back until major patches are ready, or the Xbox One would be behind the PS4 and PC’s versions. In either of these cases, players are going to be unhappy. Instead of put players through that, Hall would rather omit the Xbox One altogether, which is a great choice.

The cost of these patches is not the only problem, either. On top of the massive fees, there is also a turn-around time that can sometimes be a week or two long. When you have a patch that needs released right this moment, waiting a week or two is not an option.

PS4 Good for DayZ Standalone

It is hard to really say which system is going to be more successful between the PC and PS4 when it comes to DayZ Standalone, but more options are always better. The more people that are included in the game’s release, the better its chances of success are. With DayZ’s past, Standalone should have no problems conquering the PC, and we hope that its PS4 counterpart is also successful. When it comes to thoughts on the Xbox One situation… it’s just hoped that at some point they change their policies to start allowing indies to use their system for game releases. As it is, they are hurting themselves, developers and players.


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