The anticipation for the release of DayZ Standalone continues and escalates with each passing day, with all of us wondering just what will be in the game, what will transfer from the DayZ mod and what will be new and exclusive to the DayZ Standalone version.

Probably the biggest talking point about the upcoming release has been about just what weapons will be featured, what attachments can be used on them and just how difficult they will be to find. It seems like we will just have to wait and see for many of those questions to be answered but let’s concentrate on what we do know and what has also been strongly rumored.

DayZ Standalone Melee Weapons

There has been plenty of talk about the melee weapons that will be included in the forthcoming release of DayZ Standalone, with those listed below either being confirmed or heavily rumored.

  • Chainsaw
  • Spears
  • Hunting Knives
  • Tasers
  • Bats
  • Axes
  • Wrenches/Crowbars
  • Machetes

DayZ Standalone Guns

  • Pistols
  • Shotguns
  • Rifles
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Assault Rifles
  • Bows – Has been talked about and though they really want them, they do offer major technical challenges for the team.
  • Crossbows
  • Tranquilizer Guns

Those are just the types of weapons that are expected to be available, but when it comes to actual models it is going to be a bit of a guessing game as to which will be included. It has also been said that initially there may not be as many different types of guns as you might expect but they will be constantly updating the game on a weekly basis and bringing in more and more variations.

Dayz Standalone Weapons Sneak Peak

DayZ Standalone Hunting Rifle

Awesome hunting rifle!

DayZ Standalone Crossbow

Super stealth crossbow!

DayZ Standalone AK-74

DayZ Standalone AK-74!

DayZ Standalone Brings Weapon Degradation And Attachments 

A new feature that will be added to DayZ Standalone is weapon degradation, which means that after a certain amount of usage the performance will deteriorate. This will mean that cleaning kits will be a commodity that will become very valuable. These kits will allow you to clean up any weapon and restore any degradation that has occurred.

Additionally, weapons will now be able to have attachments added to them such as scopes, flashlights, tripods, camouflage and silencers.

High Grade Weapons To Be Far Rarer In DayZ Standalone

It has all but been confirmed that the weapons that offer the most power and performance will be a lot harder to find in the upcoming release. This is to ensure that the game offers far more realism, simply because most civilians are unlikely to have military grade sniper rifles stored under their beds. The weapons will in the main be the type that people may own, though of course you may stumble across the home of an avid collector.

The Wait Will Be Worth It

Well, we are pretty sure that your anticipation levels now have again risen to lip licking levels, equally as much as our own. There really is not too much we can do about that unfortunately and whilst we are all desperate to experience this latest release, we should commend the dev team for making sure that the game is running perfectly before putting it on the shelves.

We are pretty sure that you have all experienced games that have been rushed out and are full of bugs and glitches which take months to fix through patches and updates. We can only assume that the team are perfectionists and want to give us the best playing experience from the get-go, we cannot argue with that!

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