This is a quick introduction on How To RESPAWN in DayZ Mod. Want the truth? YOU CANNOT… RESPAWN as you please anymore.  At one point of DayZ Mod, you had the ability to press ESCAPE, click RESPAWN, ABORT, DISCONNECT, then RECONNECT. Guess what happened? Rocket decided to remove this feature since people would keep doing this respawn process until the point it got out of hand. What do you do now? You actually play the game without trying to respawn where you want. If you die, the game will spawn you in the location it wants you to spawn in. The Spawn points are along the coast where the ocean is. We do have some helpful tips for you to respawn in DayZ.

How To Respawn in DayZ

  • Die from Zombie Attacks
  • Die from Player/Bandit kills.
  • Die from hunger, thirst, or sickness.
  • As long as you die, you can respawn elsewhere.
  • Kamenka – Broken Leg from falling off the bridge east of your spawn.

The chances of you respawning in a different area are pretty good now due to the updated patch that does not allow you to respawn manually. You must find a way to die first. It is actually a smart decision NOT To respawn in DayZ anymore since this new update disables players to do so as they please. You should just make a run for the location you want to get to without having any hassle of respawning. Keep in mind, you might also respawn in the same location, if you intentionally try to kill yourself.

Why Not To Respawn in DayZ

The main purpose of the new update is so you do not respawn where you want. You are basically hurting yourself from learning the game and becoming a master DayZ mod gamers. You should not respawn because you can actually learn something about the game more than others would. You can find some new loot areas that are undiscovered by the average gamer.

This will make you ahead of the competition when you start looting areas like Komoravo, Kamenka, or Solnichi to move up from your location to discover new trends. The game is updating constantly and you might find some better adventures by doing your own thing and avoiding the respawn area. You might even find better loot in the area you spawn in due to the game becoming more advanced towards a location of where you spawn.

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