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Tip Of DayZ #1 – Best Place To Hide A Car in DayZ  A lot of people wanted an advanced guide to hide a car in DayZ. We have done our research and decided to write this article for today’s tip of DayZ. We have pictures to prove you can HIDE a SMALL “car” (vehicle) inside a shed. You can avoid losing gear’s since it is not in an open spot that people can find.

Razer DeathStalker Ultimate

I Highly Recommend Parking In Berezino… Just my 2 cents.

We had a lot of emails asking us for tips and a guide to safely hide their car in DayZ, and we believe we found one of the most UNCOMMON solution. You probably expect us to tell you to hide them in trees somewhere up north, or possibly in between some hills/mountains.

DayZ How To Hide A Car In Shed

In fact, we are telling you NOT to hide / park your car there since people are very good at spending time in this game to look for vehicles in these areas. We want to provide you with an exclusive hiding position in DayZ Chernarus and we believe it would be the SHED parked in Berezino.

  • Step #1 - Make clear of any items in the way before trying to park. (Jerry Cans, Car Wheels, etc.)
  • Step #2 - Check the distance and drive slowly into the shed to avoid hitting anything.
  • Step #3 - Save the vehicle (a couple times) to make sure you do not lose any “gear” items.
  • Step #4 - LOCK IT UP. Just close the doors and maybe put a tank trap in front of it.
  • Step #5 – Do not leave it there too long, mainly on populated servers. Come back for it asap.
  • Step #6 – DO NOT TELL YOUR FRIENDS (UNLESS YOU TRUST THEM). Never know these DayZ :)

Note: Most advanced players head there, but it is not very common since PvPers mainly stay by the shore.

Another picture of hiding a car in the shed of DayZ.

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